Letter to Myself

This is the letter I referenced in the year end show Episode 33). Details what I expect to happen in 2013…

I am 52 years old and starting a new chapter in my life. In one year, at the end of 2013, I expect to be a household name in the world of sports and comedy. My show “Weekend Sports Update” will be viewed by millions and I will become a household name on one of these sports networks (ESPN, Fox Sports, Turner Sports, NBC or CBS Sports).
I will parlay WSU into a sitcom about a grumpy old guy who runs a sports comedy site. The show will pretty much be autobiographical except for the daughter character because I only have sons.
I have two wishes for the coming year. One, to get a great nights sleep and two, just once find my car at WalMart without using my key chain horn button. Finally, I predict in 2013 that Ryan Gosling will be abducted by aliens (if you watch my show you’ll understand).

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