About WSU

People love Sports. People love Comedy. So why has there never been a successful marriage of the two? I don’t know the answer, but I felt compelled to put myself and my dignity on the line for possible fortune and fame.

This website is the 2nd step in my plan to renew myself as I enter my 50s.

Step 1 – Give up my 15 year addiction to Pop Tarts – √

Step 2 – Weekend Sports Update – ?

Step 3 – Neck Tattoo!

I’ll know that I’ve hit a home run (cheap sports metaphor) if during the week people see a sports story and immediately think, “How will Weekend Sports Update handle this on Sunday?”

If this ends up a colossal failure, then I will move on to my next dream job, Brazilian Bikini Photographer. In the mean time I will give it a shot each week. Periodically during the week  I will post bits from my stand up routine, behind the scenes look at how I develop each show and clips from other sports related comedy bits.

Contact: [email protected]